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D.I.Y. Renewables is an international entrepreneurial group with an ambition to provide clean, carbon-neutral energy technology to emerging markets, with a focus on Nigeria.


Through preliminary research the group aims to gather insightful data about the behaviors of potential customers and their particular needs. Using this information, D.I.Y. Renewables hopes to go on to provide a product uniquely suited to solve everyday problems faced by average people who struggle with outdated, dirty, ecologically damaging, unhealthy, but unfortunately popular sources of energy such as charcoal, firewood, kerosene, and LP gas.


This webpage is intended to demonstrate D.I.Y. Renewables' market findings, and its progress towards offering a useful product.


The biogas generator, or "biodigester", is D.I.Y. Renewables' flagship product. Through anaerobic fermentation of organic waste matter such as agricultural or kitchen waste, the biodigester is able to produce carbon-neutral natural gas which can be used for cooking, heating, or even electricity generation.

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